Discovering What It Means To Be Selfless – Day 2

Day 2 of Discovering What It Means To Be Selfless is about loving others just as I love myself and showing that by being sympathetic and like-minded in Christ. This is quite a big issue! It’s the second greatest commandment … Continue reading

Discovering What It Means To Be Selfless – Day 1

I recently searched for verses on this specific topic and found 20-something that I took on in my bible study hours. I hope to publish as time allows. Here’s Day 1 of “Discovering what it means to be selfless.” Let’s … Continue reading

Read Thru the Bible!

Hi everyone! It’s been a hectic Christmas & New Year’s but I am inspired once again to read through the Bible this year. I’m using the planner in the back of my Bible that basically requires reading 4 chapters a day. Why don’t you commit to this challenge too? It’ll only take you 30mins on average to read four  chapters a day and you could read in on some days to make up for those when you could only read two.