Sermon of the Day

Okay, I know I have already posted about this verse, but I really love it. I tried to do a study of these verses and came up with this:

Romans 8:37-39  

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Isn’t is a wonderful verse?

While verses 18-30 of Romans 8 talks about present sufferings and future glory, Paul writes that even while we need to endure suffering, we can conquer because of Christ’s Love for us…He provides us with strength to endure them- see Phil 4:13

Paul had this deep conviction of us being able to be conquerors and never need to be separated from the Love of God, because of his strong and deep-rooted faith in Jesus Christ. This is encouraging to know, because that means that we too can have this deep conviction. Paul knew he could depend on the Lord because NOTHING can move The Rock of our Salvation! 

This verse is linked to Phil 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” This verse also says that we can be conquerors through God’s love, because, without His love, we wouldn’t have received strength from Him.

Life Questions:

1. Are YOU convinced that nothing can separate YOU from the Love of God?

2. Have YOU asked the Lord to make you MORE THAN A CONQUEROR through Him?


Vacation Diaries 4: A Tribute

You guessed right…we’re back in Port Elizabeth because of a family emergency; but, before I tell you why, I first want to tell you a story of love and courage…

“When a man and woman gets married, they are required to agree to the “terms and conditions” of marriage—to love and honor each other in joy and sorrow, health and sickness, poverty and wealth…etc…and for this couple it was no different. They were happily married, had two sons and often fostered other children, many times growing so attached to those kids, that when they are taken away, it causes a huge family trauma. The fostered children would be re-placed with their parents and sometimes meet up again with these kind people who fostered them for so long (many times, for years) and when these people meet them again after many years, they are astonished at the lost look in their eyes and their unkempt appearance. Anyway, their own boys grew up and got married and had kids themselves. Meanwhile, grandma and grandpa would stay in a town for a few years, move to the next suitable town, stay there for 2 years, and eventually, they move to the town where their eldest son stays with his family. They moved there to be closer to the hospitals and their son and his family. While this is going on, their youngest son and his family have moved around a lot too and have finally found where God wants them—on a mission station far from their family.

One day, grandma gets sick, and the doctor prescribes Cortisone for her; however, it was prescribed for much too long. The medicine causes her bones to become more and more fragile, as she had been taking it for 2+ years, until a day came when she had to go for a minor back operation-spinal fusion of only a few vertebrae. The doctor started operating on her and found that her bones were so soft that a butter knife could cut through it! They close her up again and the wound took a long time to heal as it is with any older person.

Grandma is now confined to bed and can get up only with an effort. She had always been a busy woman, cooking the choicest, richest and tastiest food every day, working as a qualified sister (nurse) during the day at an old-age home, and keeping her house in perfect order, always getting ready for her children’s visits and making sure that there isn’t a single particle of dust on her windowsills.

After being confined to bed, Grandpa takes up a lot of the work, baking rusks, muffins and cooking food for them. They hire a maid once a week to help clean the house, but the washing of their washing-that’s his job by choice…

They settle down and accept that this is the life they are subjected to for, probably, the rest of their lives. Life goes on in the whole family, everybody knows Grandma is sick, but still doing well and still strong.

As the days, weeks, months, and years go by, she losing a lot of her weight (she was a nice and round aunty!) and everyone notices she is starting to ebb away.

Their oldest son’s wife give her sister-in-law a call to say that it’s not going too well with Grandma; it would be wise to come for a visit. After arranging for their friends to help them out with their share of the mission work, they set off 2 days later on the 14 hour-long drive, stopping half-way to spend the night. When they arrive there the next day just before supper, they are all shocked to see how much Grandam has actually faded away-her face is pale, she is a lot thinner, she barely has a voice, and she is very calm and not over-joyed to see them like she used to be, because of the medicine and the pain that she has to bear.

When the time came for them to return home, they knew that this would be the last time that they’ll see her again. They had been home for 2 days when they got another call-Grandma has deteriorated much more from Monday to Wednesday; she’s busy dying; come as soon as possible. They give it a day, in case she might improve again and their driving 14 hours would be in vain. The next day, Thursday, they get a call at 6 a.m. : Grandma has passed away at 4:35 that morning! Shocked and saddened at this unexpected news, they make arrangements once again, and once again, their friends willingly help them. They set off at 11:30 that morning and arrive, saggy-eyed at 11 p.m.

Grandpa has always been a very strong pillar of strength for Grandma and I’m sure that their marriage vows meant more to him than he might have thought on their wedding day. He was one of the best examples of a good husband that I know-always there for her, always caring for her, always thinking of her before even remembering that he also had a life to live, and always showing other couples how a husband and wife are required to stick together through thick and thin. She was his life; he lived to care for and serve her with all that he had. And for years, looking after her was almost all that he did! Grandma could not have asked for a better husband and she said so herself. They are definitely one of my role models…

Grandpa, his sister-in-law and his eldest son are waiting for the other half of their family to arrive at home. After the eldest son and his aunt leave, Grandpa explains the whole ordeal to his son and his family.

The way she died-she was so calm and peaceful; she just slipped away peacefully…her son and sister and Grandpa check her to make sure if it’s really true. It is. She has died. Her son gently closes her eyes, and they leave her to be. Grandpa fixes some coffee for the 3 of them and they sit up ’til morning.

At the crack of dawn, they call their youngest son and give him the news. After that, they call the hospice and then the day goes by in a flurry of arrangement-making and weariness. Many of the arrangements are made by the time their youngest son arrives.”

That day ends for them just after midnight, except for me, the writer of this sad story…

…Yes, this is OUR story and my Grandma really did pass away on the 26th of February 2015, at 4:35 a.m.

Please remember us in your prayers!

I’m reminded of the Verse of the Day that I posted on the 25th. And I really am “convinced that neither death nor life will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

We also keep in mind, that we mourn not like those of the world, because we know that she was saved and is at this very moment enjoying a much better life with her Savior and Redeemer.

Verse of the Day

I found this verse today, and it’s officially my new favorite Bible verse; it has always given me chills to read it and actually understand what it truly says!

Romans 8:37-39

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Feel free to add your own verse!

Vacation Diaries 3: Homeward Bound and Back in Action!

The trip has been wonderfully relaxed and the last part of it especially, but there’s no place like home!

As we return home, we encounter a “near-accident” because of people’s selfishness…A taxi and a Mercedes were coming toward us in their lane, and the Mercedes wanted to pass the taxi. The taxi, being a taxi, selfishly zig-zagged in front of the Mercedes, trying to block it and keep it from passing. With all its mad turning and swinging from side to side and while they there are oncoming cars, us being the first car, it almost crashed into us. Dad swerved to the left and hooted for him to wake up…I’m not sure if he did!

We can only thank God for sparing our lives especially since we definitely suspect it to be an onslaught of the Devil as this happened a few times on the first trip!!!

We’re all VERY glad to be back and in-action…the mission is so alive and adventurous compared to life outside the mission.

My mom and I were talking today about life outside the mission and how consistent it was and probably extremely boring…imagine living from day to day, doing the same job, same thing, same consistent life, steady and fixed financial income, and all the worries of trying to stay alive. At the mission there’s always excitement, either an escaped pig to catch (He was lost for 2 months), a pig-pen to clean out, veggies to harvest and sell, food to collect, sort and prepare for the visitors, radio work to be done, bathrooms to clean, floors to mop, a chapel to clean on Saturday nights, and reception duties each day…there’s never a dull moment in the mission—there’s always enough food, love and willingness. The co-workers learn to help each other cope, serve others and trust God for provision; some of the visiting men learn to work in the garden—plowing, planted and harvesting a crop, some of the visiting women help in the kitchen and the Lord upholds each one as far as he/she is willing to go.

When we go that one mile further and feel like giving up, the Lord supplies another mile’s strength…

Life at the mission is amazing, and even thought I always knew God provides for His people, it has never been so clear to me before we came to the mission-I had never seen the Lord provide boxes, crates and bakkie-loads of juice, yoghurt, ice-cream, bread and whatever else that came!!!

It’s truly amazing and I would recommend everyone to book an appointment to come and stay with us for a while—to seek God, go for prayer and counselling and watch how God provides for His people!

Vacation Diaries 2: Fun in the Sun

We went canoeing and swimming today and had the time of our lives…

Dad took us at first with the double canoe, then allowed us to each (Michah and I) take one and row out alone. We were rowing on a river/dam/estuary and the water was VERY shallow—I think we may be able to stand shoulder-deep  in most of it.

We started out racing and dad gave Michah a head-start push (which he denies ;-)) and I started paddling like crazy, thinking that the head-start push was going to help me her get ahead of me….Booo….no way; she doesn’t even make proper use of the head-start as this is her first time rowing alone….all that fast, vicious rowing of mine for nothing! Anyway, I went to the middle of the gigantic river (I’m prone to exaggeration) and dad whistled to come back. Rowing back, I saw Michah still coming toward the middle and then we were eventually even-we started racing again, this time from the middle of the river, but I overtook her and came rushing back to shore, only to have dad teach me from the start how to row a canoe and he told me you don’t row like I did to speed up! How humiliating, but I was enjoying myself, and didn’t mind being in the wrong and his guidance was gentle, so it didn’t hurt like it could have if I was a wimp (I am sometimes, mind you!).

After paddling for some time, dad called to us to come ashore and pack up—we’re off to the pool! After enjoying the pool and dad chilling on a sun-tanning bench in the shade ;-), we left for our cottage where mom was waiting with BJ.

We sat down outside in the sun, waiting for our clothes to dry, drinking Marula and Lemon flavored aQuelle’s. So far, we had quite a fulfilling day and now we’re just waiting for mom, dad, and BJ to finish their nap so that we can get back into our still-wet costumes to go canoeing again!

Anyway, the canoeing is for free, you just need to pick up a paddle at reception and return it afterwards—you might want to try it one day!

Now I’m off to try and sun-tan my embarrassingly light skin!

Vacation Diaries 1: Where are we?

I’m still on vacation! One of the things that is rare and precious when I get it…..I have to admit thought that I vowed that I would never complain about not having a holiday again because I felt homesick before we had even gone 1 km!

Well…..I ALSO need to admit that it did turn out to be a great trip! I really thought it might be boring with nothing to do, but seriously, Port Elizabeth has the BEST shopping malls! I mean, Durban’s “smart Ballito mall” just doesn’t compare to the cute little shops and fun stores that P.E. has!

We stopped at a place on the way to P.E. to make the trip a bit more do-able. It was blazing hot that night and the worst I ever had; the heat was horrible and I watched some or other creature climbing up the curtain right next to my bed IN THE DARK! Anyway, after all of us waking up a few times at night, morning finally dawned and our hopes rose along with the sun! We got back on the road and arrived at grandma’s house between tea time and supper time. We stayed a few days and left this morning. We were planning on leaving at  7 a.m….but…dad got to bed late the previous night because he was still busy organizing things for the next day (making a baby car seat for BJ, to be exact!) and then we still need to get ropes from Midas to provide BJ with a seat belt and to strap the seat down! THAT alone took some time and then we filled up on fuel and EVENTUALLY LEFT AT 10 A.M.! The trip went fine and Ben-Joshua sat in his cute little seat for the entire trip! He enjoys it so much to be able to sit up front and know it’s his own little baby spot!

We are stopping for the night at another place on the way and spending the night! There are so many cool activities that we might stay an extra day!

I’ll keep you posted about where we were and what we did and saw. I’m also taking some photos to provide you with extra info (tel. numbers of the accommodations we made use of).

Why don’t you tell me a bit about where you had a great vacation and what you did! For fun, you can include prices and features/activities for others to use!

Well, I REALLY  need to go now, I’m standing at the kitchen table to be able to charge my PC (chord’s too short…booo!) and my neck is starting to pain…….ouch! Okay, bye-bye. I REALLY NEED TO REST IT A BIT!    😉

Scarf-tying is SO in!

I found some cool ways to tie a scarf-you can try some of them…..many of them require a very large, broad scarf.

I really love this; very easy to tie and the color of the scarf makes it even more attractive!

I think this is a very cool idea if you need to pack light but still want to travel in style…

A different style for each workday!

I never would have thought that you  could plait two scarves like this!!! It could be a lot of fun!

This is a fun idea if you plan on designing your own scarf…simply buy a doily/kitted flower separately and add it on with a pin!

Cute tutorial for an absolutely different style…