Vacation Diaries 1: Where are we?

I’m still on vacation! One of the things that is rare and precious when I get it…..I have to admit thought that I vowed that I would never complain about not having a holiday again because I felt homesick before we had even gone 1 km!

Well…..I ALSO need to admit that it did turn out to be a great trip! I really thought it might be boring with nothing to do, but seriously, Port Elizabeth has the BEST shopping malls! I mean, Durban’s “smart Ballito mall” just doesn’t compare to the cute little shops and fun stores that P.E. has!

We stopped at a place on the way to P.E. to make the trip a bit more do-able. It was blazing hot that night and the worst I ever had; the heat was horrible and I watched some or other creature climbing up the curtain right next to my bed IN THE DARK! Anyway, after all of us waking up a few times at night, morning finally dawned and our hopes rose along with the sun! We got back on the road and arrived at grandma’s house between tea time and supper time. We stayed a few days and left this morning. We were planning on leaving at  7 a.m….but…dad got to bed late the previous night because he was still busy organizing things for the next day (making a baby car seat for BJ, to be exact!) and then we still need to get ropes from Midas to provide BJ with a seat belt and to strap the seat down! THAT alone took some time and then we filled up on fuel and EVENTUALLY LEFT AT 10 A.M.! The trip went fine and Ben-Joshua sat in his cute little seat for the entire trip! He enjoys it so much to be able to sit up front and know it’s his own little baby spot!

We are stopping for the night at another place on the way and spending the night! There are so many cool activities that we might stay an extra day!

I’ll keep you posted about where we were and what we did and saw. I’m also taking some photos to provide you with extra info (tel. numbers of the accommodations we made use of).

Why don’t you tell me a bit about where you had a great vacation and what you did! For fun, you can include prices and features/activities for others to use!

Well, I REALLY  need to go now, I’m standing at the kitchen table to be able to charge my PC (chord’s too short…booo!) and my neck is starting to pain…….ouch! Okay, bye-bye. I REALLY NEED TO REST IT A BIT!    😉


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