Vacation Diaries 2: Fun in the Sun

We went canoeing and swimming today and had the time of our lives…

Dad took us at first with the double canoe, then allowed us to each (Michah and I) take one and row out alone. We were rowing on a river/dam/estuary and the water was VERY shallow—I think we may be able to stand shoulder-deep  in most of it.

We started out racing and dad gave Michah a head-start push (which he denies ;-)) and I started paddling like crazy, thinking that the head-start push was going to help me her get ahead of me….Booo….no way; she doesn’t even make proper use of the head-start as this is her first time rowing alone….all that fast, vicious rowing of mine for nothing! Anyway, I went to the middle of the gigantic river (I’m prone to exaggeration) and dad whistled to come back. Rowing back, I saw Michah still coming toward the middle and then we were eventually even-we started racing again, this time from the middle of the river, but I overtook her and came rushing back to shore, only to have dad teach me from the start how to row a canoe and he told me you don’t row like I did to speed up! How humiliating, but I was enjoying myself, and didn’t mind being in the wrong and his guidance was gentle, so it didn’t hurt like it could have if I was a wimp (I am sometimes, mind you!).

After paddling for some time, dad called to us to come ashore and pack up—we’re off to the pool! After enjoying the pool and dad chilling on a sun-tanning bench in the shade ;-), we left for our cottage where mom was waiting with BJ.

We sat down outside in the sun, waiting for our clothes to dry, drinking Marula and Lemon flavored aQuelle’s. So far, we had quite a fulfilling day and now we’re just waiting for mom, dad, and BJ to finish their nap so that we can get back into our still-wet costumes to go canoeing again!

Anyway, the canoeing is for free, you just need to pick up a paddle at reception and return it afterwards—you might want to try it one day!

Now I’m off to try and sun-tan my embarrassingly light skin!


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