Vacation Diaries 3: Homeward Bound and Back in Action!

The trip has been wonderfully relaxed and the last part of it especially, but there’s no place like home!

As we return home, we encounter a “near-accident” because of people’s selfishness…A taxi and a Mercedes were coming toward us in their lane, and the Mercedes wanted to pass the taxi. The taxi, being a taxi, selfishly zig-zagged in front of the Mercedes, trying to block it and keep it from passing. With all its mad turning and swinging from side to side and while they there are oncoming cars, us being the first car, it almost crashed into us. Dad swerved to the left and hooted for him to wake up…I’m not sure if he did!

We can only thank God for sparing our lives especially since we definitely suspect it to be an onslaught of the Devil as this happened a few times on the first trip!!!

We’re all VERY glad to be back and in-action…the mission is so alive and adventurous compared to life outside the mission.

My mom and I were talking today about life outside the mission and how consistent it was and probably extremely boring…imagine living from day to day, doing the same job, same thing, same consistent life, steady and fixed financial income, and all the worries of trying to stay alive. At the mission there’s always excitement, either an escaped pig to catch (He was lost for 2 months), a pig-pen to clean out, veggies to harvest and sell, food to collect, sort and prepare for the visitors, radio work to be done, bathrooms to clean, floors to mop, a chapel to clean on Saturday nights, and reception duties each day…there’s never a dull moment in the mission—there’s always enough food, love and willingness. The co-workers learn to help each other cope, serve others and trust God for provision; some of the visiting men learn to work in the garden—plowing, planted and harvesting a crop, some of the visiting women help in the kitchen and the Lord upholds each one as far as he/she is willing to go.

When we go that one mile further and feel like giving up, the Lord supplies another mile’s strength…

Life at the mission is amazing, and even thought I always knew God provides for His people, it has never been so clear to me before we came to the mission-I had never seen the Lord provide boxes, crates and bakkie-loads of juice, yoghurt, ice-cream, bread and whatever else that came!!!

It’s truly amazing and I would recommend everyone to book an appointment to come and stay with us for a while—to seek God, go for prayer and counselling and watch how God provides for His people!


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