Blessed Service Experience

Tonight we attended a service close to the complex we’re staying in a what a blessed and joyous occasion it was!

The name of the church is Grace Baptist Church

They have a talented lady pianist and their singing is led by the pastor himself. The way in which they sing create a very encouraging and welcoming atmosphere. To be able to walk into a church, going solely to BE FED instead of TO FEED means a lot and is truly a wonderful experience! One not to be forgotten! The atmosphere created by their warmness and sincerity makes for, what I call, True Christian Fellowship. There was even a hint of an emotional wave as we sang and I could feel the unity and love of the Believers…The preaching style was bold, straight-forward, having deep truths and just plain truth! The theme was basically witnessing.

The pastor spoke about one of his witnessing experiences: a person that was dressed in black and had a very white, make-up covered face that he shared the Gospel with and how he was so receptive!

A few points of his sermon are listed below:

1. A question asked by a younger/student minister to a group of senior ministers at a pastors’ conference-When last did you, as a pastor, witness to somebody? We can apply that same question to our loves-When last did we, as believers, witness to somebody?

2. Sometimes, our prayers and witnessing may seem in vain, but we never know what may become of those prayers and outreaches. Eg:

Moffat prayed for a friend for 31 years. Only after he died, that friend was converted. 

3. We don’t know how much time we have before we are taken up into glory, and for that reason Colossians talks about “Redeeming the time…” Because of this, we need to take every opportunity that we can get.

4. One important thing to remember is that the Lord prepares hearts; we only plant in plowed land. We are not able to prepare the person before-hand by telling them to “Prepare your heart, because I’m about to preach the Gospel to you in 5 minutes!”

5. Hearts that are well-prepares are receptive because:

              1) They need to be ready.

              2) We need to be ready.

                      a) in knowledge

                      b) in “living it out” ourselves

6. What’s the best way you can get out of a spiritual slump?

            1) Pray for forgiveness

            2) Turn around

            3) Get busy for Him

7. What could/ would we do for Him if we were filled with the Holy Spirit? Would we do what the Apostles did—preach wherever we go with a Power that nobody can resist?

8. Why worry about witnessing if we’re filled with the Holy Spirit?

9. Our duty: Ephesians 6:20, “…as I ought…” We have a duty to witness to others, leading them to the Lord as we BOLDLY AND POWERFULLY preach to them.

10. Social Networks-they’re all over and everybody has one or other form of it…in the same kind of way, we ought to witness to those in our “circles”-those we meet each day. In Biblical days, people had to travel long and far to get the Gospel to the ends of the earth and people didn’t give up or quit because of what people said or thought of them or because of how hard the road got. Today, we have social networks, internet, fast mail, cars, trains, air planes, boats, cellphones, land lines, air mail, e-mail and BLOGS! Why don’ we make complete use of these resources that God has given us? We don’t mind wasting time on Facebook, Pinterest or Google, but witnessing…who the heck cares about that? Isn’t it just for paid ministers, supported and renown missionaries and mighty men of God? Are you kidding me? No way-it’s the DUTY of every Believer in Christ to take up his own cross and lead others to Him through true and honest witnessing. 

I really enjoyed the service-the spirituality of it, the simplicity, sincerity and unity.


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