Keeping My Wild Side in Check!

Sometimes, I wonder how it would be to do certain things and go certain places that I know I shouldn’t; it makes me wonder how much of a Christian I really am….


Now and then, I receive some “Heavenly Reminders” that I am still His!

1. I feel uncomfortable with the music young people play around a pool area, etc. (The same music the Devil sometimes makes me think I want to listen to-to be part of that like of group.)

Eg: On vacation, at the pool, the people started creeping out of their houses late the afternoon to the pool, while we were there. When we came there, they already have some music on, and there were some people around the pool or playing volleyball a bit away from the pool. Later, more people came and things got “wilder” and I got more uncomfortable! At the time, feeling uncomfortable is uncomfortable, but I think it’s God’s way of showing me that I still belong to Him.


2. I can’t imagine myself in un-modest clothes. And even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to get myself out of the house before changing again…I change 3 times even though the clothes are modest!



3. I really do feel the need to go to church, mostly if I missed 1/2 Sundays!


Eg: For the past 2 weeks in P.E., we haven’t gone to church on Sundays….The first time we came, we couldn’t go because of Grandma being in bed and we don’t see them often, so dad thought it would be best to stay home with them and just sing and reading something together. This past Sunday, with Grandma’s passing, Grandpa wanted us all to go to my uncle’s house to spend time with his family for a bit and then finish some more funeral arrangements…it felt nothing like the busy Sunday on the mission that I’m used to!

As we drove past the church next to the complex we’re staying in, I told mom that I feel like a heathen—just driving past the church to go visiting! It’s really not a pleasant experience if you’re a Christian!!!

But, to make up for our “loss” of that morning, dad said we could go to a small church close by that evening. Grace Baptist Church. I did post about the little church and what a blessed service it was! Please read that post if you’re interested in finding out more: Blessed Service Experience!


I’m glad I still get reminders that I’m His!


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