A Trembling Tribute

Today was Grandma’s funeral and I did end up reading the tribute……what a struggle! I was OK to to read it (emotionally) but I was trembling more than EVER before; I couldn’t breath fast enough! Every time I gasped for breath, besides making it sound like I was about to cry, it didn’t help, I stayed out of breath! I was literally GASPING  for breath!!!!

It was terrifying. And that, when I DO like talking in front of people! But that stage made me feel 5 meters higher than my audience!!! It was very intimidating to stand up so high, knowing your audience is emotional, and you can’t catch your breath!

The Lord did help me, however!

Dad took the service. It was hard for him in the beginning, but his preaching style is like a wild fire-starts slow and small, but once it catches fire, it runs with it!

Michah, Eldane’ and I sang Chris Tomlin’s version of Amazing Grace as an item.

I’m very glad it’s over!


We’re going home tomorrow (4 March 2015) so I can’t wait to be home again! Oh, Please pray for Grandpa as well. Grandma’s birthday would have been on the 23th of March!


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