There’s No Place Like Home!

I’m home! It’s so good to sleep in my own bed, on my own pillows, work like crazy and have fun like crazy!

We over-nighted at a few different places and meet some interesting people…we stayed over at Buccaneer’s, The Forecourt, and some others. I met some of Grandpa’s friends at the funeral and eventually one of the people staying in the same complex. I met uncle Hennie and aunty Marinda (They’re my next post) and spent a long time in conversation there!

If it weren’t for my blogging, I would have been bored quite a bit!

Well, I’m home, and that’s what’s important! Thank you to all our friends for filling in for us with sound duty (Milton + Aunty Anita), kitchen and reception¬†duties (Aunties Michele, Martha, Anita, Annelie, and Premie). Thank you for always being available and willing!


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