An interview with one of the “wonder-women” of Jivannadi Mission

I’m pleased to introduce to you, my first Mission Interview Victim: Anita Bekker.

Meet Anita Bekker

Meet Anita Bekker

Hi down there!

Hi down there!

Hard at work in reception on her blogs...

Hard at work in reception on her blogs…

"The success of any receptionist lies in a cup of good, strong coffee..."

“The success of any receptionist lies in a cup of good, strong coffee…”

She’s a 54 year-old widow with one son and three grandchildren. She moved to the mission 22 years ago (She came at the age of 32) and has been serving the Lord faithfully with the rest of our team. She is one of our co-workers and a faithful help in the mission. She has a large number of jobs, but here are a FEW OF THEM!  ;-O

1. Kitchen aunty (cook)

2. Receptionist

3. Food Bank sorter and distributer

4. Cleaner

5. Organizer of donations

6. Photographer

7. Blogger

8. Interior (and outer) Decorator-Florist

9. Baker

10. Businesswoman

11. Boobie-trap-setter (There’s a story behind it you won’t want to miss!)

12. Retired Grade 1 & 2 Teacher

13. Librarian

14. Artist

15. Art & Craft Lover

16. Animal Doctor

17. Bird Savior


19. Counselor

20. Technical Granny

21. Marketing-Person

22. Movie-Maker

23. Historian


And last but not least, she keeps the dorm boys in order—at least, as far as their bunk beds allow her…

She is a very unique person in our lives with her own favorite sayings that everybody knows belongs to her. Here are some:

1. “That’s not my indaba!”

2. “Come here, my little sausage!”

3. “That’s s-o-o-o pre-e-e-tty!”

4. “Lo-o-o-vely-y”

The reception waiting area...

The reception waiting area…

One of aunty Anita's florist arrangements...

One of aunty Anita’s florist arrangements…

Three roses in a row...

Three roses in a row…

Every person has the right to their own opinions, but I can assure you, this is one unique granny. Not only is she a blessing on the mission, but also a mom for the dorm boys and a granny for the mission kids…She will always have a special place in our hearts!

Here are links to her blogs:

I went nature-photographing with her today. Here are some of the results:

Eager Photographer

Eager Photographer

My favorite Flower!

My favorite Flower!


Gorgeous Flower


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