A Party and a Drowning!


Birthday Girl

The day before yesterday was Eldane’s 10th birthday and the Lord blessed us with wonderful weather, despite a bit of windiness. We held our party outside on our “stoep” (porch), set up with a steel table covered with a lovely white and pink tablecloth and set all the eats out on it. the party was supposed to start at 9:30 but things were busy and not all our guests arrived on time..(ahem, Raven and Vinod!) When the party finally got started, photos were taken, a prayer prayed, and gifts handed to her. Then we moved out to the porch and lit the sparkling candle! More photos…I took some great action shot pictures of our guests and hosts biting into their cake or acting weird/funny. Here are some:


Extravagant Birthday Cake


An outdoor party table…



Nadia presents us with her own creation: a coffee cake topped with coffee icing and almonds with marshmallows in the middle-covering up a secret surprise of coffee-flavored sweets!


Sharing a “Thank you” hug after presenting Eldane’ with her gift.


Milton: What have we here?! Mom: Would somebody PLEASE KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THE TABLE!

Two guys + 1 cake = one huge fight!

Two guys + 1 cake = one huge fight!

Another photography at work

Another photographer at work

Awaiting the start of the "cake-eating race."

Awaiting the start of the “cake-eating race.”

"Mom, the candle won't be 'litten'."

“Mom, the candle won’t be ‘litten’.”

"There's the candle litten at long last."

“There’s the candle litten at long last.”

"Happy Birthday to yoooou!"

“Happy Birthday to yoooou!”

Aunty Anita: "Raven! Come here for a photo, boy!  Raven: *Running away*

Aunty Anita: “Raven! Come here for a photo, boy!
Raven: *Running away*

Milton: "It's no big deal to pose for a photo, man! You just need to strike up an amazing pose!"

Milton: “It’s no big deal to pose for a photo, man! You just need to strike up an amazing pose!”

Raven: "No, I think this is my best side..."

Raven: “No, I think this is my best side…”

Milton: "Ag sies man!"

Milton: “Ag sies man!”

"1, 2, 3, BLOW!"

“1, 2, 3, BLOW!”


Annoying brothers are everywhere!

Annoying brothers are everywhere!

Milton: "Can we start now, aunty!"

I missed that joke big time!



Eldane': "No, mom; I don't want them to feed me!"

Eldane’: “No, mom; I don’t want them to feed me!”


"Let me just see what's going on here..."

“Let me just see what’s going on here…”

Milton's cake

Milton’s cake

Unsuspecting me!

Unsuspecting me!

"Let's cut this cake!"

“Let’s cut this cake!”


Jean: “I found a colored straw!”


“…not bad…”

Sun in the shade!

Fun in the shade!

Ben-Joshua: "Take that, mam!"

Ben-Joshua: “Take that, mam!”







The Drowning

We went to uShaka after the party and thoroughly enjoyed the wet n wild part. I wacked my head sliding down the lowest of the 3 highest slides and still feel the pain! But the worst part was when we discovered the Torpedo slide. You slide down a tube and then shoot out into a “candy-floss bowl,” but in my case it felt more like a volcano’s mouth! Then you slide around in the “volcano mouth” and finally drop down into the pool below. Now, to understand my predicament: I can’t swim. I have a phobia of deep/lots of water. I can’t be under water without holding my nose to block the water. I didn’t want to go on the slide. So, dad said he’ll preach about us if we are too “chicken-ish” not to slide, so I went; saying: “I’m going to regret this!” before I went down the tube. When I shot out onto the “bowl,” I had my eyes closed and my nose blocked. I just heard some people laughing at me as they watched me slide around and around. I eventually flopped into the pool (not knowing how deep it really is) and couldn’t touch bottom! My hair was in my face, my hand was blocking my nose, I kept going under water and I hadn’t practiced breast-stroke swimming because it hurts my back…aunty Anita finally (it felt like 5 minutes) got a proper hold of me and I got to the side. Dad and aunty Anita asked if I was OK and I told them straight: “No!”

I’m never going back on that slide and strongly un-recommend it to those who can’t swim, have a phobia of closed-in spaces or water, and have to hold their noses to block them under water!

Every time I tell somebody about it, I tell them that I almost drowned on the same slide that dad fractured his heel!

Nobody believed me that day that I really felt like I was drowning—they thought I was putting it on!

It’s great to experience another day alive!!!


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