Our Hidden Comedian—Premie

Today I was able to interview aunty Premie and we came up with some interesting and hilarious things about her that she didn’t pay much attention to…unfortunately I couldn’t get a descent photo before my battery died, but will post some soon. Here is her story:

In 2006, she first came to the mission with her mom and dad. After a while she decided that this is where she wants to help and so, in 2007 she was an official helper at the mission. Like most beginnings, her beginning was humble and small and started in the bathrooms—cleaning; then the kitchen—cooking; and then reception—secretarial work. And then in 2008, aunty Annelie (Co-Founder of the Mission) asked aunty Premie to help out at the Radio station (GNCR 93.6fm) with presenting and managing programs. Her words to aunty Premie were something to this effect: “When you are faithful in little things, God adds to your responsibilities…” She then started work at the radio and continues to work there to this day and prefers to fix things on the radio than managing the programs! Around 2012, they officially became co-workers.

Here are some FACTS about her:

1. Loves cleaning.

2. Dresses according to what is comfortable-very practical!

3. Loves loving kids and watching them from afar!

4. Loves watching movies.

5. Loves taking photo’s of her parents when they are asleep.

6. Loves experimenting with foods—turning a recipe into a new recipe!

7. Remembers a person’s face but not their name.

8. Once forgot the next presenter’s name while on air!

9. Melted the oil bottle and 2 bowls by the stove.

10. Cannot bake—they turn out to be rocks!

11. Always puts too much salt in her food.

12. Loves presenting programs on air.

13. Doing journalistic research.

14. She has some comical staff members…

15. Loves flowers!!!

Her Favorite Animals include:

1. puppies

2. kittens

3. fish

4. birds (especially Vinod’s birds, Max and Maxi!)

Two of her favorite/most common sayings are:

1. “I don’t want to be used & abused!” —in work terms

2. “If you’re in doubt, leave it out!”

Aunty Premie cooked the most wonderful chicken curry with rice today for the mission’s Sunday Lunch and it was absolutely lovely! Even though her baking might not be spot-on, her cooking is amazing and she plays around with her spices like I would never be able to…

We thank God for her and her parents’ help on the mission—they’re a real blessing and a great help to the Lord’s work. An interview with her parents should be coming up soon…

Stay tuned for more interviews and remember: “When in doubt, leave it out!”

Thanks for reading!


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