First Aid with ME!


Passover weekend is next weekend and I am helping with first aid! I’ve always wanted to become a doctor but due to some complications, it seems like I won’t be able to do it… 😥

Since, it’s still a strong desire of mine, I involve myself in emergency first aid on the mission and I enjoy working under somebody else. Milton plays the doctor and I play the nurse and it’s a lot of fun—and with every emergency case, it makes me wish I could become a doctor.

Here’s a first aid story:

“One of the dorm guys came and called us to say that an aunty had fallen and gotten hurt. So Michah and I hurried to gather a few things, as I hadn’t taken the first aid thing very seriously yet. We ran down to her room and found her with a bruised knee (phew!). When she said that she felt like she was going to faint, I thought: ‘Oh, Lord, please not now!’ I had sent somebody to fetch Milton for help and some more supplies, and he came in a few seconds later. But while Michah and I had to handle this situation, I started cleaning the wound and asked her for toilet paper. She hurriedly got some and gave it to me all folded up in a ball. She made sure that she got herself out of the room as quickly as possible and was of no help during the rest of the emergency!! When Milton came, he handed me a pair of gloves (I didn’t have) and scolded me for not having put on gloves before starting. Then he started telling me how and what to do. I really liked the idea that I’m working under somebody, that way I don’t need to be responsible for any complications! He talked me through the whole thing and when we came to dealing with the loose skin, he’s like: “And now, pull off the skin with a jerk!” I looked at him, horrified :-0 and said: “No way! You can do that!” He then tried it and soon realized that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea! And during all of this, Michah was standing outside the door, chatting to the other lady there…not wishing to see or hear anything about blood, and yet, this lady was telling her all about her own nursing experiences! Walking home that night, I knew what I wanted to become-a doctor! Some of my friends think I’ve lost that desire, but believe you me, I would still like to pursue that career. The study duration is just way too long (6 yrs)—dad thinks I’ll get married before I finish college—and it’s almost impossible to get into a university if your grades aren’t sky-high!

Anyway, I enjoy the first aid more than anyone would know and it means more to mean to be able to help in that way than anyone will guess. I’m thinking of doing a short course on first aid along with my journalistic courses; that is, if the Lord doesn’t want me to do teaching!!!  😉



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