Doreen Davids on “What Easter Means To Me.”

I recently had the wonderful privilege to conduct an interview with one of the visitors who booked in at the mission for the Easter weekend and I could ask her some questions about what she believes Easter is about. Here is her story:

“The ‘Passion of the Christ’ really shows you something of what Jesus went through for us. Easter is very important in my life-to see what Jesus went through; it makes you more humble to help other people that are less fortunate than you are.”

This senior woman agreed that Jesus was unique and the reason for the season. “When you ask people what Easter is about, they say they don’t know. And when I opened my eyes again, there were Easter eggs! And you know, pickled fish has always been a tradition among the colored people, also because you can travel with it because it can’t go off.”

Mrs. Davids clearly stated to me that she was not yet saved, but from our conversation, she definitely knows what Christianity is about! She has had people tell her that they all serve the same god, and she would tell them that they’re wrong; we do not all serve the same God! “Many of today’s Christians still keep some of the ‘smaller items’ like keeping a picture of the virgin Mary or still having a separate temple to another god.”

As my conversation with this Capetonian woman progressed, she says, “People tend to turn to God only when the going gets tough-only when they need help. But when they have money and everything is running smoothly for them, they forget about God.”

That was Doreen Davids’ story on Easter. She believes it’s about Jesus resurrecting from the dead, not Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies.

Thank you for reading, please comment your thoughts…


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