Michele Coetzee on “What Easter Means to Me.”

Today I had the opportunity to conducted an Easter Story Interview with Michele Coetzee, GNCR’s Station Manager, on ‘What Easter means to me’. She said the following:

“I don’t hassle too much about Easter eggs and Easter bunnies because I don’t have children that I’ve got to download a world view for them or anything like that, but I used to like it when I was a kid. I don’t think there’s anything wrong about a chocolate in itself, but I do know that there are some people who used to in the past, believe the fertility gods are connected to it, but I don’t think people know about that in today’s world anymore. So, I don’t think there’s harm in those things as such, anymore. Because they don’t have those ways of sacrificing at Easter anymore, I mean, it’s just like a fun thing (chocolate characters).

I think it’s very sad that Easter is not taken to heart by the whole world, but of course they won’t because they don’t know Jesus. Before I knew Jesus, Easter was a lovely long weekend, it’s a holiday where you could go on a jol and just enjoy yourself—you don’t need to think twice about it. And as a Christian, I find it a very exciting time and almost like Christmas, though not quite, because with Easter one remembers the death of the Lord Jesus this time ’round and His resurrection. So, it’s much more adult-like because Christmas is like: wonder and excitement, and babies, and birds and presents and joy and cheer, but Easter, I find, is a more reflective time as well as God taking you one step further with Him. He made me think this time ’round of how differently people celebrate Easter.”

She says that she watched ‘The Passion of the Christ’ twice and doesn’t want to watch it again. She advises emotional people NOT to watch it!

“It’s a nice time of fellowship and I think it’s a time where you can get excited about the history of the event. How the Jews celebrated and how this is also a time where Jesus passes us over because of the Blood of the Lamb. It’s exciting to connect those dots with the Jewish Old Testament History. It’s an exciting time of downloading truths from the Bible.”

She admits that it’s a very busy time at the radio for her, with the conference going every year. She says it’s a very active time for them as a radio station as they take visitors on radio tours, sell their paraphernalia and keep everything else running at the same time. But, she does confess that she truly enjoys it.

They also have special Easter programs on the radio station that you can tune in to. All the messages that are brought over the Easter weekend will be broadcasted and Easter musicals played. She graciously provided me with the link to their radio station website where you can listen online to their wonderful Easter programs. Tune in to: http://gncr.radio.net/

The Easter programs will be running from Friday to Sunday (3-5 April) and there will be special broadcasting for the distant coast lands, those with reversed time, so that they can listen in during the day as well.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to Ms. Coetzee for providing us with Easter programs to listen to world-wide and wish to congratulate her on the wonderful work that they are doing with the radio station. We wish her and her staff God-speed and a Blessed Easter time.

Thank you for reading! Please comment if you’re interested about finding out more about GNCR.


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