Special Easter Edition: The Story Behind the Eggs

Well, as you should know by now, today’s Good Friday and this weekend is Easter weekend, or, as we call it, Passover Weekend. It’s a time for God’s people to ponder about His Resurrection from the grave and to reach out and show others what a mighty God we serve!

Here’s a special story written for this Passover time; a story that contrasts the real reason for Easter and the myth about eggs being all there’s to it.

You can read the Resurrection of Jesus in John 20

Flossie Bunny: “Goodmorning, all you Easter egg lovers! It’s Easter morning and it’s all about me! I just can’t wait for everyone to begin their egg hunts!”

Chirps the Chick: “Whoa! Flossie, what are you talking about—egg hunts; all-about-me? Don’t you know what Easter truly is about?

Flossie: “Oh, Chirps, you think too much! We all know that Easter means eggs and chocolate bunnies-I mean, even some Christians believe it’s all about me! If Christians believe that, then isn’t it okay?

Ginger the chick: “Isn’t what okay?”

Chirps: “Oh, hey, Ginger! We were just talking about what Easter is truly about and, would you guess it, Flossie doesn’t know what it’s about!”

Ginger: *gasp* “No! I can’t believe it! Well, why don’t we ask Mrs. Brown? She has always been good to us-to let us roam her gardens-she even knows the true story! Let’s see if we can find her!

Mrs. Brown: “Well good morning and a happy Good Friday to you three! What can I do for you?”

Chirps: “Good morning, Mrs. Brown. We actually came to see if you would tell Flossie the true Easter story-he doesn’t know!

Mrs. brown: “Oh, my! That is a dilemma-somebody not knowing what the true story is! Well, I’ll tell you the story if Flossie promises not to nibble on my best lettuce heads again!

Flossie: “Oh, Mrs Brown, I’ll never go for your best ones again, just please, tell us the story!

Mrs. Brown: “Well, alright…but before I begin, y’all three have to understand that we, Chrisitans don’t call it Easter weekend, but rather Passion or Passover Weekend because it’s about God’s Passion and love for us that Jesus became our Passover Lamb…but anyway, here’s the story you’re looking for…

A long time ago, a virgin, called Mary, became pregnant with the Son of God. She gave birth to Him in an animal stable with barn animals—not in an Easter Egg factory. She wrapped Him in pieces of cloth—not in chocolate foil, and laid Him in a feeding trough filled with hay—not in a 100pc box. He was unique and one-of-a-kind. He had no duplicates. He grew up in a humble little town, called Nazareth—not in a heated mixing bowl. He lived with His parents and brothers and sisters—He didn’t stand on a shelf, next to a 100 other duplicates. When He was 32, He started His ministry of healing, helping and forgiving people—He was not the reason for an egg hunt. He called to Himself 12 ordinary men to be His Disciples—not greedy children waiting to make gluttons of themselves.

When His ministry was completed, He went to Jerusalem one last time and there the Romans condemned Him to die on a cross. He was made to carry His own cross to a hill called Golgotha, or translated, it means: ‘The place of the Skull.’

There, they nailed Him to the cross. Imagine that! First, falsely accused, then beaten and tortured and then nailed to a rough, wooden cross to die! And the worst part (or should I say the best part) was that He went through all of this for our sins. If Jesus had not gone to be crucified, then you and I would each one have had to suffer all of that to pay for our sin, but Jesus paid for our sin. The Bible says that ‘…He Who knew no sin, was made sin for us…’ He did all this because He loves us!

But the best part is yet to come…3 days later, the stone covering the entrance to His grave, was mysteriously rolled away by an angel of God! When Jesus’ followers went inside to look for Him, He was gone! He had risen from the dead and He is Lord!!! He stayed on the earth for a further 40 days before returning to Heaven to prepare a place for us—a place that He has been working on for over 6,000 years! Imagine the beauty and the glory of living in such a place! God created the world in just 6 days and we think it’s magnificent, but He has been working on our Heavenly home for more than 6,000 years!

So, that is the true story of Easter and that’s why we call it Passover Weekend and Passion Convention. He paid for our sin and rose again on the third day. That is something that we want every person to know.

The Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies only came in later…it has nothing to do with what Easter truly is about.”

Flossie: “Wow, Mrs. Brown! I didn’t know that Jesus is the reason for this Eas—I mean, Passover, time…I though it was about chocolate and egg hunts. Now, I can tell the greedy kids that they’re wasting their time growing fat, because they don’t know the true story.”

Chirps: “Yeah, thank you, Mrs. Brown. I’ve heard that story a thousand times over, but it’s still my favorite story by far!”

Ginger: “Thank you, Mrs. Brown…that story is truly a wonderful story and I wish that everyone could hear it!”

Mrs. Brown: “Oh, but they can! That’s why I’m telling you the story. Now you can go tell others, and maybe, just maybe, we can get people to understand that Easter is about Jesus-not chocolate!”

I hope you enjoyed my animated version of the Easter Story. And it’s true that Easter is about Jesus, not chocolate. You too can spread that message, and perhaps, we can make a difference for our Risen Lord!


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