What is Mission Life Truly Like?

Half of my life has been spent on this mission station and I thank God for it. I realize that there are so many things that we’re protected from, that life “in the world” would have thrown in our faces…It’s true that the excitement and adventure of mission life will never cease, but some of the trials seem to get me down when it gets tough…

I usually tell my friend that it’s a joy whenever one of us are struggling. It’s a joy to be working hard for the Lord and it’s a joy to feel victorious after a strenuous battle.

Yes, times do toughen up—and for me, I often crack under the little bit I’m doing, but I have great friends who are either family or almost-family. I have my mom who encourages me whenever I have an anger outburst after someone rocks my boat badly; an “aunt” who soothes my fears and worries when I’ve made a “learning curve” mistake; a “brother” who, through his imperfection, helps me to understand God’s perfection in us; a dad who checks on my spiritual life, making sure I don’t stray; sisters who fulfill their self-established job of testing my faith; a brother who keeps my on my knees when on my feet is simply impossible; a circle of friends outside the mission who are just there when you need to chat a bit, and a GOD WHO CARES!

  • Whatever you might be struggling with in this week, you can know for sure that there is a GOD WHO CARES and there is a GOD WHO UNDERSTANDS.
  • When we think we’re about to break, we can know that there is a GOD WHO IS STRONGER THAN ANY WEAKNESS OR TRIAL.
  • When we face temptations, we can know that there is a GOD WHO HAS THE POWER TO EMPOWER US.
  • When we are faced with selfishness, we can know that there is a GOD WHO GAVE HIS ONLY SON FOR US and we can know what Jesus would do.
  • When physical pain overtakes us, we can know that CHRIST WENT THROUGH IT ALL just for us!
  • When family members try to steal our faith, we can know that GOD ALSO HAD TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT HE WILL GIVE HIS SON FOR THE SINS OF THE WORLD, OR KEEP HIM TO HIMSELF.
  • When financial problems arise, we can know that JESUS DIDN’T OWN ANYTHING BESIDES THE ONE PAIR OF CLOTHING HE WAS WEARING.
  • When we’re terrified of facing homelessness, we can know that JESUS DIDN’T OWN A HOUSE EITHER AND HE KNOWS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO DEPEND ON OTHER PEOPLE FOR SHELTER.
  • And when we want to give up, we can know that JESUS WOULDN’T AND DIDN’T.



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