A Burnt Arm Tragedy!

On Monday, poor aunty Anita had burnt her arm with boiling hot water. She was removing the kettle from its stand, when the lid toppled over, and, trying to balance it, she messed a whole lot of boiling water on her skin. She called my house and mom informed me of her unfortunate mishap. I hurried to get the things I would require and rushed down to where she was waiting.

Upon reaching her, I started applying burn gel to her wound and wrapped it up in gauze and a bandage. The most exciting of all, was that I had reached and helped her before the other first aider, Milton, had even known about it! It was fun to be the first one on the scene…

I re-did the dressing today, and mom obviously HAD to take some photos for my blog. Here you can see the fun we had in wrapping up her wound…


The actual wound…….gross!


The pain was excruciating!


Serious Doctor; Pained Patient


Presenting the fixed arm!!!


The final touch included an injection and a thermometer!

It’s getting better daily and burn gel is definitely a wonderful choice!

Thanks for reading! Have you had to deal with an emergency case before? Write to me about it!


2 thoughts on “A Burnt Arm Tragedy!

    • Yes, I do too. It has healed up pretty well and the burn gel is doing wonders….remember that for your own future reference: burn wounds need to be treated with cold water, burn gel, gauze, and a bandage!


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