Good Books to Read

I thought some of you might like to know what I read so you can get some ideas…Here you go:

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“‘Kisses from Katie’ is a wonderful missions book to read when looking for inspiration in a time of despair—typically for people who want to become missionaries (to see how God will provide) or for worn-out missionaries who are starting to doubt their calling. I found this book very inspiring and it certainly stirred up my old desire to want to go on a missions outreach in the Congo, DRC with my dad and the team. A wonderful book I would recommend to any person, young and old.”


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“‘Little Women’ is a series of stories about 4 sisters who learn to live with each other, look out for one another and make sacrifices while their father is at war and they are at home with their mother. Later on in the story, the girls meet their next-door neighbor’s grandson and all of the girls form a special friendship with him. The Lawrence Boy, as they all called him, is a rich boy, but gladly shares his wealth with his poor next-door neighbors.

To the middle/end of the book, the Lawrence Boy marries the youngest of the 4 sisters and the story ends with the second-oldest girl getting married to a professor.

It’s a very good book for young girls to read; it makes life a reality and not a myth that “they lived happily ever after…” It also has a very high spiritual content that shows how the girls try to put Christ first in their lives.”


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“‘Illusion is a book by Frank Peretti, so, if you know him, then you know it’s going to be a good book! The story is about a man that had lost his wife and how he had flashbacks and eventually met someone who looked just like she used to. If you are a thinker, then this is the right book for you! Mr. Peretti always writes in a way that make you stop in the beginning of the book and wonder if it’s worth reading something you don’t understand, but, take advise from someone who has read a lot of his books: Keep reading! You’ll start understanding the story in the middle of the book! There’s always a brilliant message hidden among the confusion of the beginning chapters! I recommend this book for all thinkers!”


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“Another brilliant book by Frank Peretti and a bit of a thriller, too! This book had me on the edge of my seat and frightened at every corner! Like all his books, The Oath is very confusing at first, but as you progress through the book, you’ll find that the message it bears is beyond explanation or critique. The Oath talks a whole lot about the spiritual realm—something not many fun-to-read books do. It makes you think about what every Christian is going through every single day; the victories and defeats of all Christians can be wrapped up in Peretti’s books. The messages that are always brought across in his books are overwhelming and every Frank Peretti book that I own is a true treasure! I recommend this book for teenagers and adults.”


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“These two book are follow-ups of each other and they are also good books to read. Piercing the Darkness is suitable for all ages, as long as they have someone to explain the more complicated concepts to them. This Present Darkness is a bit more of a thriller and it might not be a good idea to give this book to a third-grader. Although all Peretti’s books are about the unseen spiritual realm, these two books are very-much in depth on the subject. These two books together can really rock somebody out of their previous way of thinking and into the right way of thinking and understanding the spiritual realm. I recommend these books to everyone able to understand the concepts (if you don’t understand something, consider asking someone for clarification).”

Do you have any favorite, good Christian books that you would recommend to others to read?

Please leave a comment on your way out!

Thanks for reading…


7 thoughts on “Good Books to Read

  1. Lovely book reviews, Shimei!! I’ve read most of them and particularly like Kisses From Katie and Little Women!
    You should do a follow up post with more suggestions someday 🙂

    @Evangel – I’ve read “stepping heavenwards” and it is well worth the read! Think I’ve been through it at least 5 times and still find priceless jewels each time 🙂


    • Hey there and thanks for your comment! “Better to be Broken” does sound very inspirational; will try and get it. No, I haven’t read “Stepping Heavenward” yet, when I see it, I’ll try and get it though!


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