What shall we do then?

I recently wrote another two poems and I’ll share one of them now.


What Shall We Do Then?

While crisp leaves rustle;

and buses bustle.

Dogs and kids play;

while churches pray.

Rich families eat around their tables of desserts so sweet;

Poor families struggle to buy;

even a piece of fish to fry.

Orphans wander the streets;

Yet, brat-ish girls want even more pleats in their skirts!

Widowers search through trash cans;

hoping to find something for their pans.

Yet, Christian folk remain silent—blocking their ears to shut out the cries of their poor peers.

What shall we do then? When are we starting?

Christ’s Power needs to be in me;

to set others free.

Free from the bondage that shrinks their spiritual lives;

causing them to become like restless hives.

What shall we do then, Lord? To those in need of shelter;

let us be a Refuge to which they can skelter.

To the sick and frail, a messanger carrying refreshing mail.


This poem is meant to inspire people to serve God better even if there won’t be a salary included.

“The payment that we receive is so large none other company can afford us!” (M.N.)


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