A weird lunch with a weird Sibling……

Hey there! Mom, dad, Eldane’ and BJ are out for the day, so Michah and I searched through the freezer for a suitable lunch. We found colored eggs, nuts, pita’s and some beetroot and pork roundies in the fridge. Yup-that’s right, the pork roundies that I made on Monday! I kept it in the oven tray I made it in, and wrapped in foil, it stayed fresh up until today. I just heated it in the oven again for a few minutes and the same with the pita’s and Michah dished it in a weird way…Here’s  photo, but I might have to explain what it is before you see it: IT’S A FACE! 2 Eyes, 2 ears, no nose and a beetroot-y mouth!

2015-04-24 12.40.11

We decided to take some shots of us—-to show you that we don’t look like sisters; or, like some people think: twins! Fact is, we’re soooo totally opposites and I’m 18 months older than she is!

Shimei-Michah 1


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