Mrs. Wilson puts a Detective in his place……

Hey there!

Last night, I found a book titled: “Book of Clean Jokes” in my dad’s office/library. I decided to post some of the jokes here. So, please note that ALL the jokes that are categorized under the category: “Book of Clean Jokes” are taken from the “Book of Clean Jokes” written by Dan Hermon. Here’s the first joke:

“A lawyer was cross-examining an elderly witness in a robbery case. He thought he’d capitalize on the probability that her eyesight left something to be desired.

“Mrs. Wilson, would you please tell us your age?”

“I’m 78 years old,” she said proudly.

“And have you ever worn eyeglasses?”

“I carry a pair in my purse, but I hardly ever need them.”

“Is that so? Now, Mrs. Wilson, how far away from the scene of the crime were you standing?”

“I was down the street a little ways. They tell me it was 60 or 70 yards.”

“Are you absolutely certain you can see things clearly at that distance?”

“I suppose so. We’re 240,000 miles from the moon, and I can see that just fine on clear nights.”


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