Preparing to be a Help Meet….

Hey there! Hope you’re having a bright Thursday, it’s a bit cloudy here in Dbn…

Have you started preparing to be a good wife one day? You never know when your Prince will come riding up…

Now, although this first picture is for your children, these virtues are meant to be in the mom and wife before they are implemented into the kids…Take a moment to question yourself on having these virtues…


This saying is so precious to me and a nice way to explain modesty to another person.


Modesty is more than clothing….


I think this note to girls is very important and shows us what guys think…..(Girls) Please send this pictures to all your girlfriends.


It is also very important for us to pray for our future husbands- to keep themselves pure and holy; to be a living sacrifice for the Lord and to serve Jesus Christ with all their hearts.


It’s easy to pray for the purity and holiness of your future spouse, but praying and maintaining your own may not always be so easy. If you want to make a vow to the Lord to keep yourself pure, there are cards that you can print and sign—maybe even keep it for your husband one day; won’t that be something special?!?!


I put this quote in just because it’s funny, but the truth is, a man with patience is a man with character!


Here’s a piece of advice my mom always gives me:

“If you can’t learn to submit to God, then you can’t submit to your dad (or parents, in general), and then submission to your husband will be extremely difficult, if not impossible!”


5 thoughts on “Preparing to be a Help Meet….

  1. Love the point about submission. So many people think of submission as a dirty word, but when the chain of authority is properly run, it creates a very happy and harmonious environment for all involved. A husband who is cruel to his wife is not honoring or obeying his commander (God). That’s where it so often breaks down. A wife who fails to respect her husband can have a difficult time getting respect from her kids, and so it goes. Great post, Shemei!

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