Dating VS. Courting

Have you ever wondered what the difference between dating and courting is? 

I’m no expert, but I’m a Christian who knows what the Bible says about it and……..****I use Pintrest 😉 ****


I love this summary above! It tells you exactly what you need to know!

  • Dating is unprotected, random, private, and most importantly, a practice run for divorce which is obviously ungodly! Don’t you think?
  • Courting is protected, public, intentional and most importantly, training for marriage! Wouldn’t you agree that courting is the Godly option?


As Christians, we are to keep ourselves sexually, emotionally and mentally pure for our future spouses.

I signed a “True Love Waits” card in December 2014 and think it’s a great way for teens to publicly promise their purity to their future partners. You can do that too, but, please don’t if you know you can’t keep your promise.

Remember, this is a promise, not only to yourself and your future spouse, but also to God!


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