One in a Minion!

Hey there!

Today I would like to pose an important question: Are you ‘one in a million”?


By that, I mean: Are you, as a Christian, so outstanding that you stand out for Christ? Can people see that you are a Child of God? 

As I hope you know, this week is what we call “Week of Pentecost.” Pentecost was when the Holy Spirit descended upon the expectant Disciples after Jesus had left them with the promise of sending them a helper and a comforter. The Disciples were empowered by the Holy Spirit after receiving it in such an evident way, that, when they started speaking in different languages so that every person nearby could hear, some mocked them and said they were drunk. And this is what I would like us to focus on: They were doing God’s Will and proclaiming the Gospel, meaning, they were shining for the Lord, and still there were people who ridiculed and mocked them.

It may come as a surprise to you, but do you realize that because people mocked Jesus, us Christians have a 100% guarantee of being mocked too?!

But! That is exactly the point! That’s also one way to check if we are shining forth brighter than ever before by seeing if we get mocked at work, school, home; with family, friends and strangers. It should give us a pretty good picture of where our standing with God truly is.

My mom taught me that the distance (however close by or far away it may be) that you are from God is determined by how long it takes you to confess your sins.

So, are you one in a million?


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