Plenty of Updates…. ;-)

Hey there!

I’ve been soooooo very busy this last couple of weeks that blogging has been out-of-the-question! But I’m back with a ton of updates, so don’t get overwhelmed!

First, an update on our two family businesses: the bakery and the butchery.

Cupcakes 1

The bakery has been doing quite well, although it has been a bit slow this past week, but we’re grateful for a chance to catch our breath again before the next busy-baking-week comes!

Cupcakes 3

And the cupcakes mom makes are absolutely gorgeous!

Cupcakes 4

She recently bought these small boxes that can hold about 4 cupcakes to add some decor to it!

Secondly,ย the butchery has been quite busy as well!

Sausage 2

I don’t suppose I posted about the newest “meat machine.” It’s our sausage maker! Here, dad is trying it out for the first time….obviously….

Sausage 4

Naturally, mom wants to aid him….typical ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sausage 6

Since granny was visiting at the time, and since she used to help with the making of sausage on her and her husband’s farm, she was a great big help! In the above pic, you can see her finger pointing my dad in the right direction. Thanks Gran! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sausage 7

Mom still had the hang of it.

Sausage 8

This was definitely a family project!

Sausage 10

And turning to stuff the intestines was minced pork, spices and chilies!

Sausage 11

Sausage 9

Here, gran is showing us how it’s done….

So, if you’re ever in Durban, SA, drop by the mission to buy some pork sausages/chops/ribs, etc.!

Next, we absolutely HAD to test our homemade pork sausages A.S.A.P. so we had a braai one night and were pleased with the flavor results…take a look:

Braai 1

Braai 3

We had made 3 different “intensity levels” of this chili sausage. We had the original (plain), mild and hot. The “hot” was not as hot as we wanted to make it, but it sure was the best of the lot!

Braai 4

Doesn’t it make your mouth water?

Braai 7

Braai 8

Mr. Braai-er testing it for “okay-ness.”

Braai 9

Braai 10

I’m not sure if this means “yum!” or “Thumbs up!”

Braai 11

Watching the fire is just so peaceful and calming….

Braai 6

Glowing Embers

It’s this just a wonderful blur of glowing embers?!

Our next update can only be on Michah’s Birthday on the 29th of May.


Hugging all those gifts…..


One-by-one delivering the gifts to the birthday girl


What’s this? A pair of red pajama pants!

Thanking BJ for his gift was a little harder!

Thanking BJ for his gift was a little harder!


Thank, thank, thank YOU!

Thank, thank, thank YOU!




Reading a card….

Party Time!




Happy Club!

Happy Club!


Last, but certainly not least, an update on our power failures! (Oh, joy!)

Two nights ago, the power had to be cut on the entire mission from 10:30pm. The power was put back on the next day for all the other homes on the mission, except the mission’s kitchen, reception, rooms and dormitory-basically, the ‘mission’ part of the mission ๐Ÿ˜‰

We, however, enjoyed the candle lit evening and sang songs accompanied by our piano and guitar…I snapped some shots of the candles in the otherwise-pitch-dark house.


This one makes me think of what the inside of the temple could have looked like…


Dying flowers by candle light…






Let YOUR light shine!


Yesterday I made a delicious chicken and veg soup that you can read about on my recipe blog at: Chicken Soup Recipe


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