Disciple Profile Study #1: Peter 1

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Some time back, I got permission to use certain excepts from one of John MacArthurs’ book, called, “Daily Readings from the Life of Christ-Volume 2.”  I’m planning on hosting 12 disciple profile studies in the weeks to come.

Today’s excerpt is the 1st of 6 studies on Peter’s character:

peter 2

Peter: The Right Raw Material

Now the names of the twelve apostles are these: The first, Simon, who is called Peter.–Matt. 10:2a

“Peter possessed the right raw material from which Jesus could fashion the sort of leader of the apostles He intended him to be. One such qualification was that Peter constantly asked Jesus questions. Many were superficial and immature, thought they reflected a real concern for Christ and His work. (e.g., Matt.15:11,15; 19:27; Mark 11:21; 13:4; John 21:21).

Peter’s questions, self-centered and off the mark as many were, still gave Jesus opportunity to train him in leadership.

Secondly, Peter showed initiative, usually being the first disciple to respond to Jesus’ questions (cf. Matt. 16:15-16). Although his actions could be impulsive (John 18:10), Peter was ready to respond in Jesus’ favor.

Third, Peter naturally thrusted himself into the middle of the action. Even when he denied Christ, he was in close proximity to Him, whereas the other apostles had fled. When hearing of the Lord’s resurrection, Peter was one of the first disciples to reach the tomb (he arrived second only because John was a faster runner, John 20:4). Peter was always there.

Peter’s very names reveal something of his character. He was naturally unstable, so when Jesus changed Simon to Peter (“stone,” Matt. 16:18), the other disciples likely had reservations. But the new name was a kind of reminder of the resolute man Christ wanted him to be.

Ask Yourself:

Does any of your dissatisfaction with yourself and your walk with Christ come from being unwilling to take risks? Does your inability to maintain a perfect consistency in all matters deter you from striving to be as fully submitted as possible, of from getting up again after failure?”

from Daily Readings from the Life of Christ Volume 2

“from Daily Readings from the Life of Christ Volume 2, © 2009 by John MacArthur. Used with permission of Moody Publishers.”

I hope this reading deepened your understanding of the life of the Apostle Peter and strengthened your trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and guardian of your soul.


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