Early Mornings, Freezing Temperatures and A Sewing Craze…

Hey there!

I’ve been sooooo busy!! Here’s a (non-so-quick) quick update:

  1. We slaughtered another 2 pigs and had to process the meat. Chops from the first pig that mom and dad did the other day. The second pig became pork sausages! YUMMY! That took a heck of a long time! We worked from the morning ’til 1 a.m., stopping in between for breaks or waiting for the meat to defrost some more. That part happened last night….
  2. This morning I had to be up at 6:20, after getting to bed at 3 a.m., to help dad collect stuff with the bakkie

    This is what 3.5 hours of sleep does to you!

  3. I haven’t been able to blog, e-mail or do any school work for a few days (felt like weeeeeks!) because of an eye infection—apparently, a “stye.” It was terribly itchy and horrendously painful…when we could finally get to a shop to buy eye drops, the infection started clearing up before the eye drops were put to good use. Eye styes are caused by straining your eyes too much—something I def. did!   😉                                                                                                   f399804f19355ffbeb3840aabf0a887a
  4. It’s freezing here in Durban! (Have I mentioned before that I’m prone to exaggeration?!) But it’st true. Mom bought me 4 pairs of gloves, 2 of which will most likely become up-cycled projects within a few days and I’m lovin’ the cold. I walk around at home with my non-slip socks and pink, worn slippers on—they’re so warm even though the slippers are 3 years old!  ;-0
  5. I started sewing! Nope, I’m not feverish…I just started getting interested in sewing after doing Family and Consumer Science at school, and of course, Pintrest had a lot of input!  😉 I sewed a few rice bags (bean bags) as gifts to my mom and a special old lady and they work nicely, although, next time, beans might work better as they keep the heat in for longer.
  6. I also took up knitting and crocheting! And nope to that too, I’m not getting Malaria…As you could have guessed, Pintrest was where my inspiration came from and since I love scarves, I decided to start with needle work. My gran had taught me how to knit years ago, but, being the “tomboy” that I was (am still, now and again!), I didn’t enjoy it that much! Now that it’s cold, I love scarves, and feel the need for a ‘relaxing activity,’ it has had a new and different appeal to me.
  7. I’m currently busy with an application form to start working at our RADIO STATION. I’ve always wanted to write stories and eventually broadcast them and this might be my opportunity! If it doesn’t work out, there are still plenty of other activities to stay busy with…
  8. This school holiday (starting June 26th), I have a new guitar student! An aunty from the mission wanted me to teach her since the beginning of the year but things have just been too busy to do that as well! So, I agreed to try it out this holiday and continue after the holidays if it works out…
  9. I’ve learned an important lesson from a friend: Family is very important—spend as much family time as possible!

That’s most of what’s been going on in my life lately…

Here’s a Bible verse to keep you fueled for the next hour 😉



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