My Letter to My Future Husband

Goodmorning y’all!

I think it’s important to write pledges and commitments on paper (or a PC) to your future husband/wife. It make you really know what you are committing to and shows that you mean it from your heart. Here’s one of my letter to HIM: 😉

Dearest Significant Other,

I realize how significant you are to me even though I have not yet met you. I find myself praying for you and begging God to keep you pure and holy. I can only imagine how significant you’ll be to me when we finally meet…

I believe that whoever you are, God has planned our meeting each other long ago. I want you to know that I have made a commitment to myself, God and you to keep myself for you alone. I have promised not to throw my virginity to any man or go on any dates. I am keeping myself for you and I pray you are keeping yourself for me.

Besides still being younger than you might think, I long for the day that you take me to be your bride. And if you are worried about not being perfect—that’s okay! I have always said that I am not waiting for Mr. Right, but rather,  for ‘the one’ that God has ordained for me.

I pledge to remain by your side, even if it means to the Jungles of the Amazon and back…I have one other ambition besides marrying you—I want to be a mommy!

I look forward to the day we meet!

Your Future Wife

Why not post your commitment in the comment section?


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