A time to mourn and a time to CELEBRATE!

Our family has always found some or other thing to celebrate. Whether it was a victorious happening, a new car or a national holiday, it was celebrated. And being…well…us, we braai now and again. So, tonight is one of those nights, except, we’re not celebrating anything…we’re just enjoying some family time.

It’s such a clear, cool night. The stars are out, the meat is nearly done and the atmosphere is airy. It’s one of those nights that ‘make your…um…night’!

Mom and dad are braaing, while Eldane’s missing (not really…probably bathing), BJ’s playing with Eldane’s dirty sock (I told him not to!), Michah is trying to keep the smoke out of mom and dad’s eyes using a paper plate…not successful, and I am blogging (duh!). It’s calm, peaceful and serene; a night I’d never exchange for anything! A reminder of how precious family is and how wonderful God’s creation is!

What are y’all up to? Enjoy your Saturday evening!



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