The Pruning Process

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I would to share a bit from this morning’s worship service. Pastor Greg Denysschen preached on being pruned and I’ll add a few of my own thoughts in italics. Enjoy and be blessed!


John 15 

The Pruning Process

There was a story about a farmer that tried experimenting with a new tomato plant. He planted it and when the season came for it to bear fruit, it had many beautiful branches bearing large, healthy-looking fruit. However, when its season was over, and the time of the year for frost arrived, the plant got injured and bare. It looked hopeless and seemed to be dead. But, the farmer, sad that his beautiful plant had died, decided to prune it and cut all the dead branches off. When the farmer was done cutting it to size, someone asked him: “Why did you cut it so small? It’s ugly and horrid-looking!” The farmer replied: “Friend, when I wasn’t pruning it, it ended up dying, but if I regularly pruned it, it would still be bearing fruit at this very moment. After making that mistake, I’ve decided to prune it properly.” And, lo and behold, when spring came again, the tomato plant was in full bloom. There was a huge difference, though. This time the plant was, not only bigger, its branches were longer, it’s fruit was sweeter and instead of the 5 or 6 tomatoes on a branch that it used to bear, it now bore 8 or 9 tomatoes on a branch!

God knows that our lives, although in full bloom now, won’t last a life time if He doesn’t prune us often. These “prunings” are the trials and hardships that we face that make us rise once again stronger than before. They are also the temptations and desires of the flesh that arouse to make us capable of overcoming sin. When we rest in the fact that God knows how and when to prune us, it will make much more sense to us and we’ll be able to endure it with much more understanding.

Hebrews 12:5 b

“…do not loose heart when He rebukes you because He disciplines those He loves and He chastens everyone He accepts as His child.”

We may wonder why God ‘loves seeing us struggle.’ The fact is, He hates it! Every time we fall, every time we fail and every time we lose heart, He feels our pain and He understands. However, being the omnipotent and omnipresent God that He is, He also knows that we won’t stand on the day of testing if we don’t face trials that make us stronger for the coming tribulations. We ought to be thanking God for remembering us in His goodness by allowing us to be make stronger through various tests.


You can find rest and strength to overcome in Christ’s Name. The children’s service today had a small skit and the Bible memory verse was the one below:

Jeremiah 33:3

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

I hope you’ve been blessed by this post. If you have any prayer requests that you would like us to pray about with you, comment in the section below, selecting ‘anonymous’ if you wish to remain concealed.

Have a Blessed Sunday!


2 thoughts on “The Pruning Process

  1. I LOVED THIS!!! What I’ve come to accept is that we wouldn’t fear God if He didn’t make us struggle. God’s grace would merely be a concept if we didn’t witness it every day! I’m learning that struggle is God preparing to prove how great He is. Stay blessed and thanks for sharing!


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