Radio Training #1

Hi everyone!

Today had been my first of five days of radio training. It was a long day but very informative! The “teacher” is an old uncle who has been working on radio station across the world for about 53 years! You can hear from the way he speaks and instructs that he knows his job and he loves it even more! It’s a very good basis for newbies and also very helpful to those with past/current experiences.


After a long day of training, tea, lunch and dropping trainees off at their various homes, I was ready to get home for a good game of touch rubgy. Unfortunately, touch rugby wasn’t going to work today, especially since we reached home around 16:30, so we simply opted for a filling supper of mushroom soup and white bread. Time ran by and we headed to church. After church, I had mom seated around the table and “explained” to her just about everything we covered (which felt like 52 different topics) today. I guess I “taught” her everything I learned for a horrifying total of, perhaps, one complete hour!


She had gone to Ballito this afternoon and gotten me some non-drowsy flu/cold medication (as opposed to the normal, drowsy-making one I was taking). I figured out then that the reason I was so stinkin’ tired during the training was cause of the medication I took that morning! I’m quite sure tomorrow I’d be wider awake than I was today! 😉

I’m looking forward to the next few days. And, although tiring, I love coming home tired, knowing I learned a lot from a professional!

Michah said she’ll arrange a game of touch rubgy tomorrow while I’m gone so that everyone will be ready to play when I get back! According to me, it’s necessary to play that kind of active game after a looooong day of sitting in training! 🙂

I still have a bit of homework to complete for tomorrow, so it’s goodbye from me. I’ll see you again as soon as I can!



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