Encouragement for the weekend…

Hey there! It’s soooo good to have the weekend at our doorstep once again.

It’s desperately needed and hopefully refreshing.  One thing is for sure: The rain outside is refreshing and making my thank God for His everlasting mercies!


This Sunday I have a radio meeting to attend along with helping with the registrations. As for the rest of my weekend: Sleep, eat, watch a movie, sleep, eat, watch a movie…and well, I suppose you get the idea?!?!

DSC00853 (2)

Maybe I can even get some photography in after the rain passes a bit next morning…to catch raindrops on a leaf or a bug newly emerged from its cove it just so awesome and awe-inspiring. It let’s us remember Who’s to thank for all these blessings in life!


I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage my blogger friend, Edmond Sanganyado that we are all created equal by God and we’re all loved the same by God. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post about racism soon.

Does anybody want to post a word of encouragement to him? You can read his blog HERE:

Enjoy your weekend! 😉


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