MY Birthday Highlights!

My birthday was on the 30th of August and I had a blast! It was my 16th and everybody made sure it was a very special day! My brother, Milton, pulled off a prank by setting up a slide with : “Happy Birthday Shimei” on it and since it was on a Sunday, it worked out perfectly for his prank. Our Pastor saw the slide and remembered to wish me from the front!!! I made sure to rush out of the chapel as soon as possible and went to attempt to strangle him! (Milton, that is…)

That afternoon was our monthly co-workers’ prayer meeting so we took the cake (pics to follow) to the meeting and had an awesome party before we started with the prayer points. Eldane’ and Nadia blasted me with flower petals! One out-of-place thing was that my good friend, Jean (Nadia’s brother) couldn’t be there because of a rugby match.

In the late afternoon, Milton, Jean, Michah, Nadia, Eldane’ and I played touch rugby (a recently-started sport we try to play about 3 times a week) and they granted me a winning game “because it’s her birthday… ;-)”

That evening was my turn to show the movie in the chapel but Milton graciously agreed to do it for me after my dad asked if I wanted to go out for an all-new 16th birthday tradition that we call: Birthday Crawling! We went to four different take-away’s, collected an entire meal and ate at the beach. That was between 18:00-20:00. When we returned, the movie was still on for another hour and a half!

My dad took a ton of pics that I’ll post in an upcoming post…but here are some pics of the cake:


This cake was the original version. It was finished the night before my birthday and the next day, at 7 in the a.m., I went to check on the cake and it had crashed! Verrrrry tragic! It was gorgeously—gigantically beautiful!

The bottom layer had crashed, causing the top layer to slide off and crash. Thankfully, the scooter on top had survived without a scratch!


But, being the resourceful woman that she is, mom quickly put together another cake for me!


Being just as gorgeous and slightly smaller, this cake served its purpose! BTW, the red icing was strawberry flavored!


Upcoming pics in the next post!


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