Trust Is A Gained Moral Excellence

Good Morning and welcome back (or should I welcome myself?).

I haven’t been blogging for about 3 weeks because of internet complications…..the longest time ever! But I’m back with (hopefully) an inspiring post on trust.

Gaining and keeping someone’s trust is a difficult thing. Believe me! Once you have broken a trust that you have been building up for years, it’s hard to gain that trust again.

But, being able to trust a special friend with your “no-go secrets” truly is a precious thing. Sometimes whatever we are carrying feels so much lighter when we tell a person we can trust.

I am so grateful for the few people in my life that I can tell secrets to because I know and trust that they won’t betray my trust. Those people are the most important people in my life and it’s largely because of the trust that we have in each other…

Trust is defined as: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

I have learned from knocking my head ferociously hard that trust is gained by being open and honest to your confidant. That confidant may be your mom/dad, special friend or pastor’s wife (all three are mine!) and they should always be someone you know for a fact won’t let you down. Remember, that person isn’t perfect, they may for some reason bring the subject up when you down want to hear about it again, but one way to know that the person is a true friend and confidant is when they seek forgiveness after doing something that could potentially betray your trust in them. When a person apologized to you for betraying your trust, it’s gonna be hard to forgive! I know! But when we remember they are human and they are trying their best to be an awesome friend to you, you can realize it’s your Christ-given duty to forgive!

Forgiving is always hard, but Jesus forgave those who crucified Him to the cross and He is still forgiving us for the daily sins that we are committing against Him.

15 - 1 (3)

Be open and honest if you want a person’s trust!

But be careful who you trust…


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