My Life Excites Me!

Whenever I talk about my passion for missions’ work I get excited! And when I chat to certain co-missionaries, we both get excited! Talking about the mission and what we do here inspires us to keep going…God inspires us to keep going!

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Talking about “my” mission field excites me. Talking about Africa, DRC Congo, in particular, excites me!

A close friend asked me in this past week: “What do you want to leave behind when you die?” I replied that I don’t want long, fancy titles. I want to have people at my funeral who were touched by my love for God. People who were healed and helped because God could work through me. When I enter the Gates of Splendor, God isn’t gonna ask me how many different titles I have or how advanced and successful my life was; He’s going to ask about WHO I am bringing into the Kingdom along with me. It’s not about WHAT I take with me, it’s about WHAT I LEAVE BEHIND AND WHO I TAKE WITH ME!

My life has meaning and even though I sometimes questions whether God might have made a mistake by choosing me, I know He knows what He’s doing and I can rest in that…


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