Motivate Me Through Prayers!

I need to stay motivated! Do you? When the work load get “too heavy” I wonder why God chose me. I wonder if He made a mistake…then I realize: He didn’t! He knew and still knows why He chose me and He’s got a brilliant plan! I have no objection to having a world full of trials if it means I get to be a part of God’s Big Plan!


So, yes. I am sincerely asking for prayer for myself. I know it may seem selfish but even the Apostle Paul requested prayer for himself. If us missionaries are to stay strong and survive the trials, we need you prayer warriors to keep praying for us!

Many people would think the only way to make a difference is by being on the front line—it’s not! Anybody can pray for strength for those on the mission field wherever they are…Missionaries are in more need of prayer than any other people!


One thought on “Motivate Me Through Prayers!

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