“It’s all my fault!”

Do you ever feel like everything you do causes trouble for yourself or others? I have felt like that and I know others that have felt like that too…It’s a common feeling among passionate missionary youths.


Someone got into trouble on your account. You feel bad and so terribly sorry for causing them that trouble but the person in trouble in okay with it because they had nothing to do with it. You feel despondent. You want to run and hide. You want to apologize to that person in the best possible way but you don’t know how.

That scenario finally ends and you can continue with your life.

A similar thing happens, only, this time you get into trouble. The ‘accuser’ is somebody who’s always looking for a reason to get anyone into a mess without sound reason. You know for a fact that explaining yourself won’t do any good, especially with this person. You want to run to your Best Friend and ask them to make it all go away.

ou feel you’re the reason everything goes wrong. You wonder if life for those around you would be better and more fruitful if you weren’t there. You may even ask God to take you away or you might be praying that He’ll keep you from taking yourself away. You feel there’s no end to the trouble that you cause…

If you have felt this way….You’ve believed one of Satan’s many lies. I have believed those lies and realized that I’m not the only one! I have often questioned God if He’s sure I’m the one He wants to use in this way because I feel that I am the ‘black sheep’ and I mess everything up. The truth is: He wants to use each and every one of us! You who are ‘down in the dumps.’ You who are caught in the “I-am-the-black-sheep” trap, God wants to use you mightily!



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