Throughout Sickness and Hardship…

I’ve got the flu AGAIN so I’m sorta knocked out for a while but it’s sooo hard to keep still (unless, of coarse, if I watch a movie!).

It’s amazing how much people can understand about God and want to draw closer to Him by watching our lives. At the same time, it’s freaky to know how many people can turn against God when they see how some “Christians” live. It’s VERY important that we remember that “we may the only Bible some people will ever read…” so we should make our presence on Earth count. I recently read something that asked the question: “If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would you still spend so much time arguing and getting mad at people today?” I know from first-hand experience that it’s terrifyingly hard to “meet up to their standards.” Some people think pastors’ should live blameless lives and set the ‘perfect’ example. It’s impossible to meet people’s standards and it doesn’t matter anyway. We should meet God’s standards! Then, whatever anybody says doesn’t matter!

Even in my “state of flu-i-ness” I want people to notice God at work in me. I want them to see His Love in action in my life. That, for me, means not slumping down on my bed the whole day but, rather, serving God however I can manage to in my state. Of course, preparing meals and singing are out for me, but who says I can’t still play my guitar in church or help with the technical stuff in the control room?!



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