“…I was made to worship at Your feet…”

I have always found that music is a comfort to me. Especially my guitar. When I hear a song by one of my fav artists, I can’t help but grab my guitar and strum along! Music is medicine to my soul.


“…I was made to praise You. I was made to worship at Your feet…and to obey You, Lord, I was made for You!”

These beautiful words come from a very old song and describe what I feel when I get a chance to pick up my guitar. Music helps me when I’m upset, down or sick. Music takes my mind off other things and makes me concentrate on playing beautiful music that everything else fades away. It’s not a sin to enjoy something. It’s not a sin to be thankful for and use your talents to the best of your ability. God delights in our music—as long as it’s a Holy Offering to Him and not Satan’s Songs.

Find a way in which you can bring honor and glory to the King of kings this week!


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