The Rooibos Trial……

It’s a PROVEN FACT! Caffeine aggravates acne!

I used to drink between 8-12 cups of coffee per day and think nothing of it…but my acne showed my sinful ways…

So, thanks to the suggestion of a friend, I abstained from coffee completely and resorted to only black rooibos tea with sugar pills (no sugar). I’m on my 10th day without coffee and I can’t remember when last my skin (face) felt so smooth!


Thankfully, I was not YET addicted to coffee, otherwise I would have felt those horrid withdrawals, but I thought I’d give you some pro’s and con’s of caffeine.

coffee effect 4

coffee effect 1

So, coffee and five roses tea is NOT GOOD FOR YOU! OR YOUR ACNE-PRONE SKIN, either!

coffee effect 8

YOU CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT COFFEE! I know, I know, this seems impossible to you coffee lovers, but, hey! I usually took a cup of coffee to bed at night—worse than that is rare to find! And I’m still alive and lovin’ rooibos tea!

Give black, sweetened rooibos a try! Do you have any other acne-prone-skin advice to render to the readers and I? Please share!


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