Deception Among us!

Believe it or not, the ever-so-sneaky Mr. Deceit Expert is one of the most prominent and faithful members of the church of God. He has a degree in deceit and lying and his offices are open 24/7. Business is booming for him as unsuspecting clients drift in and out. His head quarters is located in the church building, in what used to be a Sunday school room. He services are free of charge as long as his clients would spread his propaganda. Those who fall prey to him, regret it their whole lives and, try as they might, people wouldn’t listen to them when told to stay away from Mr. Deceit.

His assistants are Miss Merciless Driver and Mr. Spell Caster.

Ms. Driver is well acquainted with the ways of her boss and her job is to collect whatever their clients promised to Mr. Deceit. She has the wonderful-to-her job of mercilessly driving them on in their self-guilt when they can’t go on accepting what Mr. Deceit commands and, eventually, demands.

Mr. Spell Caster is right at the top of the chain-of-deception. His job is to lull their clients into a passive mode, making it easier for his boss, Mr. Deceit to do his job. Mr. Caster is amazingly good at his job and has learned several tricks whereby he can easily complete his job. One of his tactics is to work on his clients’ emotions. Making them believe they are deserving of more in this world, they fall prey to self-pity and sulk in their despondent positions. Mr. Deceit then comes along and gives them some more ideas and concocts some more reasons they should get more in life. Finally, Ms. Driver takes up her position, insulting her clients when they are feeling quite sorry for themselves. She drives them to believe they are in the sorry state that they are because of past-and-confessed mistakes. She prevents them from moving on with their lives.

There is however, one person I have not yet mentioned. His name is Mr. Guide Of Truth. He is the One who always helps his clients back onto the Path of Righteousness. He makes those who fell prey to Mr. Deceit and Co. find reason fro life again. He helps them get up and restart their lives in Christ. He is the One appointed to search for those fallen along the path.

This short story is merely a somewhat-accurate description of what happens in the church of God. I hope you have been enlightened on this particular subject.

Thanks for reading!


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