The 2nd Greatest Gift EVER!

One of the most important and definitely vital aspects of any true Christian’s life is a steadfast relationship with God.

Talking to Him like you would a best friend is a gift-one that is taken for granted too often. I like to find a quiet place sometime during the day or in bed at night where I can just pray about everything and talk my heart out with the only One who understands everything…


I also keep a small book-My Prayer Book-that I write a person’s name with a few prayer points in and I try to pray for that specific person at least 5 times a week. They say the purest form of love is when a person prays for you without you knowing, so all the people that I love, that I see have a specific need or that are struggling with something in their lives, would go into my little book.

Join me in praying for the Salvation of at least one person you know for as long as necessary. You’d never know if you were the reason that person got saved!


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