Come Lord Jesus – Latest Poem

The one part about me that many people don’t really know is my poetry side. Sure, I hate reading it but I love writing it. What I mean is, I write what I’m passionate about or something I’m experiencing at the moment. But reading sappy, Old English poetry makes my head bob uncontrollably!

Here’s one I wrote today (15th October 2015):

What a beautiful thing; to see my King!

What a beautiful sight; when He displays His Might!

Looking down at us; I wonder if He sees us fuss?

To gain His trust; obedience is a must.

Do I claim to be a Christian, yet live a life put of putelance?

Come, Lord Jesus, and rekindle my fire

I’ve often drempt-when in prayer bent-of the glorious court I’ll someday enter.

Right at the King’s feet, I hope to meet.

My Savior stood, where I though he would-next to the King’s side-and seeing me, glowed with pride.

Come, Lord Jesus, and make my life something You’d be proud of.

Asking me about my life-including every strife, He made me feel at home and rightly so.

When at last the questioning was past, He said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter into Glory!”

Come, Lord Jesus, and take me home!



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