Stand Firm – Archived Poem

So…I guess you could say I got caught up in ‘the poetry thing.’ Probably true. Any who, here’s one I wrote back in April of this year. Is there anybody else out there who likes writing poetry?


Stand Firm

Brothers and sister, stand firm! Holding fast to the teachings that we passed on to you in turn.

Be gentle and loving, leaving behind your ways that are oh-so-cunning.

Strife to move forward, remain active in the Lord, stop being bored!

Grow in the Lord, moving forward.

Take captive every thought, question them and the answers you shall find if you, with all your heart sought.

Tell others, including the people you thought you’d never call “brother.”

Of the Savior’s love and gift of Salvation through the cleansing of His blood, it’s time to get out of that sin-mud!

And His forgiveness shall flow like a river in flood.

Come to Him, bring your sin bin!

Leave behind all to follow His call.

Carry a sweet scent, one that for Christ is meant.

Lead the way,and perhaps, someday someone will see the Way to Jesus!


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