I’d Go Anywhere! – Mission’s Poem

Today I promised that my next poem would be about serving the Lord, missions, etc. I’m also working on a song called, ‘One Called, Twice Eager.’

I’d Go Anywhere!

They’re lost!

Shall we not reach them at all cost?

To imagine their souls crying out in hell;

Creates terror in my heart-terrors ever ringing like some old church bell.

Nightmares overcome me;

Their sufferings may not have been if I had been the Christian I was meant to be.

That was my past;

Now, I’m striving to tell them all before the shadows of hell upon them be cast.

I told my King

I’d go anywhere for Him.

Africa, China, wherever is the greatest need,

Lord, send me, I plead.

To travel for the Lord,

Nothing can make me less bored.

Serving my King

And into His Kingdom I bring souls that, into hell, would have been fling.

Night and day, any hour I pray, use me!

Words are empty,

that’s why I’m going to show you plenty of how Christ has used me.

I served Him there;

I served Him here.

I don’t care where-as long as He me does spare.

When at last I put my head down for the last time,

I’ll surely say, “Serving my King was prime time!”

How will you go down in history? What will you be remembered for? What kind of legacy are you leaving behind? And who are you taking with you?


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