In Season and Out of Season – Poem on Ministry

Like I confessed, I’m hooked on writing poetry. Here’s one written today…

In Season and Out of Season

Never use a planned speech

when asked to preach.

Your faith

is what determines your pace.

If asked before-hand,

it can be planned.

If asked suddenly,

don’t get too bubbly.

Whether scared

or prepared.

When you hand has been put to the plow-

the time to speak up is now,

never mind the sweat on your brow.

There’s no need for qualification

only purification.

If Christ was killed

and with His Spirit we are filled,

we can’t expect a normal life

when He had one of strife.

When, by friends, we are bluffed

remember our Savior too was cuffed.

When in doubt,

don’t pout-

rather seek Christ out!

Boldly proclaim this Truth

and then to the next person move.

When faith is hard to find

Jesus, your fears, will bind.

Apply these principals

and you can reach any pinnacles!

~Shimei Botes


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