Hand, Mind and Heart…

This might seem obvious, but to those who are oblivious to the fact of the matter: a ministry doesn’t HAVE TO BE full-time. It can be in your working environment or at home. It can be full-time or part-time. That’s today’s topic: Impacting lives through your career.

And this is the reason I have decided to study teaching. Sure, family and friends had A LOT of input in helping me make this decision. They often explained the benefits of having such a qualification (opens doors to many countries; home school my own kids some day, etc) and sometimes ‘drove me crazy’ as they told me I really should do it. Now…I appreciate that. So, with thanks being said, the reason: I can have such a huge impact on a child’s life simply because half of the day for 200-something days of the year, they’ll be with me, watching me and learning from me. I will be the reason why they dread coming to school or look forward to coming. I will be the tool God will use to change their lives for the better, pointing them to the Savior. Now, I know that “Jesus has been forbidden in public schools” today but NOT in Christian schools! And as long I can, I’ll be sharing God’s love as I go about educating them.

Teacher (2)

What I’m trying to convey here is simply a question: How are you using/going to use your career to turn the world to Jesus?

Use your career as a ministry. Sometimes it’s not really possible to talk to your students/colleagues openly about the Lord, but they are watching your life. A teacher-friend told me how kids came up to her and asked her about the way she dresses. They were curious as to why she only wore skirts and dresses so she explained that she is a Christian and she could use that opportunity wisely.

How are you profiting the Kingdom of Heaven?


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