Pluck Them Out!!!

I’ve often shared my dreams of going into Africa and being a missionary there. I’ve also blogged about being a missionary wherever you are…this has become reality ONCE AGAIN…

0a5faecfef5baa5e19149eceb1ef3ed5My friend told me today how a mid-aged man had suddenly died. He and other medics tried CPR (resuscitation) and everything else that they could, but the man eventually died. It was a shock to him to see this man die so suddenly and it was a shock to everyone who heard the story, including me.

It reminded me of how short life is and how unexpected things can happen so suddenly. This poor man died, possibly without assurance of Salvation. This man was in no talking- or listening-state so my friend couldn’t witness to him, but we can prevent many others from heading to Hell!

IMG-20141022-WA0003It also reminded me of an idea I had to select one or two permanent days per week to go witnessing or tract-handing in the malls. We used to do this kind of thing before we moved to Durban and it was always the perfect way to meet new people. Of course, there will be people who reject your message/tract and then there will be others who willingly except it, drinking in every word as a hungry lamb urgently sucks on his mamma.


Life is short.

Life should be lived to the glory of King Jesus.

Life is all about the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Life can be glorious!

Life is a gift; share it!

Will you do your part by committing to hand out tracts/speaking to people at your next shopping trip?


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