Let’s Face It: Teens Have Issues!

Teens are unpredictable…

Teens have issues…

Teens are often misunderstood…

Teens often hide a lot…

Which one are you?

15 - 1 (6)

It’s true that many people think they know me when they don’t know half of what I’m going through. On the other hand, some people know me so well, they could predict my next step and in which direction. There’s one huge secret to talking about yourself to others. KNOW WHO YOU ARE TRUSTING!

Whether it is your sister, brother, parents, far-fetched relatives or friends, knowing the person before trusting them to that extent is crucial.

Teens want to confide in someone trustworthy – Believe me, I know; I do. A careful observation of the person will prove to be very helpful. For example, if I need to go speak to a counselor, I’d first like to find out about them, you know, to see how reliable they are and if they’d blatter out all my secrets.

Be careful to whom you talk, and I mean, really talk. They might seem genuinely interested in your problems but they might only be finding out stuff about you to turn on you in a harsh way. I often need to think hard about whether I honestly want to tell a person something, just in case they decide to turn on me in the future.

But! The cool thing (and sometimes the scary thing) is that GOD knows everything and He understands better than anyone else ever will! He is the best secret-keeper and He is the most reliable counselor! He has promised in His Word never to leave us or forsake us-meaning-He’s always there!

Psalm 50:15

15 and call on me in the day of trouble;
    I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”


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